“Because your garden should be a place to escape to, not from! ”

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Welcome To VVM Designs

VVM Designs provides landscape and garden design services for small patio gardens to large estates, from garden bed refresh to creating new landscape from scratch including planting and hardscape plans, and design concepts for outdoor room structures such as fireplace or pergolas or vegetable beds etc.

VVM Designs also offers irrigation audit services and garden consultations on seasonal tasks, plant and pest management as well as planting area refreshes – what small changes that can make the biggest impact.

VVM Designs is based out the Tri-Valley area of the San Francisco East Bay and has done designs all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

VVM Designs delivers artistic landscapes that focus on the functionality and maintainability of your garden. Carol Vander Meulen APLD specializes in creating low maintenance yards that require the least amount of resources, minimizing the need for water, pesticides, waste and especially human sweat.

Carol believes the yard is an extension of the home whether it is the front yards first impression to the backyard recreation & entertainment space and especially the yard as the backdrop to/view from the inside of the home.

VVM Designs wants you to enjoy your landscape for the lifetime of your home and provides educational information and documentation to give you the best understanding of how to preserve your dreams.

VVM Designs because your garden should be a place to escape to, not from!


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Consultations – Design /Horticultural