Seasonal Assessment

VVM Designs works with the home gardener to determine and educate what can and needs to be done in the garden for the season or to help plan for future events. I assess the requirements of the garden, desires of the homeowner, and put together task sheets and a timeline of activities.

  • Meet 4-6 times a year on a specific schedule (November, February, May, August or every other month) to assess garden conditions and direction
  • Review gardening tasks for the season that are specific to the client’s garden
  • Includes instruction and hands-on training where needed (extra hours may be required)
  • Review irrigation schedule to ensure proper water quantity and coverage
  • Identify pest and abiotic issues on plants and discuss the proper IPM procedures to correct problems
  • Outline proper garden techniques to enhance plant health and vigor
  • Discuss future plans for the garden and steps that are needed to accomplish them. Based upon these plans VVM Designs can bring plants to brighten up spots in the garden.
    (Plants are at an extra cost)
  • Plan for special upcoming events to ensure that the garden is at its prime for the event
  • Arranged as an annual contract

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