Consultations – Design /Horticultural

Even if it is a simple spruce up—rather than guessing what needs to be done or can be added to make the garden sparkle—  bring VVM Designs in to give you some direction and confidence on the garden tasks or full on transformations of the yard to develop an outdoor space that you will truly love in next year….

Garden Maintenance/Improvement Reports:

• Detailed report of recommendations for landscape improvements for each area
• Advice on specific plant or design change recommendations that the client can implement, mini designs for a particular garden space (less than 500 sq. ft.)
• Can include photographic representation of planting suggestions

Horticultural assessments:

• Walk-through with client identifying plants, problems and giving recommendations of maintenance solutions or plant replacements
• Pruning training for client/their maintenance contractor

Container Design/Staging:

• Transform your patio space  or entry with vibrant containers designed with multi seasonal interest
• Staging for an event or real-estate spruce up
• Advice on quick changes (planter refresh, container design) that can be done for events or for spruce prior to sale

Charged at an hourly rate.

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